Exploring Spring

Last week felt like it was all about surviving. Getting through the week with 2 cranky toddlers and one frustrated Mamma until it was Sunday and Daddy was home and the ideal parent to child ratio of 2:2 could again be reached.

This week feels like it has been about exploring, learning and Spring. We are lucky enough to live close to some really beautiful spots where as soon as the weather dried up we could get our wellies on and get out into nature, jumping in muddy puddles (thank you Peppa Pig for your constant inspiration on that front), finding spring flowers such as Primroses, Snowdrops, sunshine yellow Daffodils and even a few Bluebells as well as looking for crabs on a rocky beach with our local twins club.

Growing up in the pretty much idyllic English countryside had a real impact on me and that connection to the natural world is something I am keen to pass on to my daughters. So as much as possible if the sun is out we are out, even if its just in the back garden looking for worms and kicking the football around we are outside, listening to the seagulls and feeling some much awaited sun on our skin.



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