Reset Button.

20170311_11205320170311_11261220170311_11213220170311_112123As of about 12 o’clock on Saturday morning I was looking for the reset button for the day. I never ever wish away time with the girls and I’m never not grateful for how lucky I am but by 12 o’clock I was looking for the reset button.

The time we have as a family, just the 4 of us with no outside demands is really precious and something I look forward to so when it doesn’t go to plan it can be both disappointing and frustrating.

Saturday morning I was off my A game, I’d relaxed, Daddy was home, the responsibility was shared, I’d relaxed. This meant that the girls hadn’t had as much as they normally have to eat over the morning which is something I’m normally pretty fastidious about as the thought of dealing with 2 hungry toddlers having a meltdown on my own is something I try to avoid but I’d relaxed and also hadn’t had much to eat myself (cue Hangry wife)

We decided on a walk at the local nature reserve for our Saturday morning excursion. The signs forecasting a positive trip were quiet in their absence. Cut to 5mins in with echoes of ‘Carry me’ ringing out in stereo before we even left the car park we set off each with a child in one arm and a balance bike in the other.

Cut to 30mins in with all attempts at getting the girls to walk or enjoy their new bikes abandoned. Instead we headed to the café for brunch which as always is a hasty affair, with us trying to finish ours before the girls get bored (unfortunately the girls unlike their parents are not lovers of food so it rarely keeps them occupied for long.)

After brunch there was a brief interlude of balance bike riding, bubble blowing, sunshine and lots of smiles and laughter. (See attached photos)

Cut to 80mins in 1 wee accident soaking trousers, snowsuit, wellies and even vest and top requiring a total change of clothes on top of essentially a breezy cliff top. Now the problem with stripping off one child is that the other one thinks that looks like fun and is now at an age where she can undress herself, so she proceeds to take off wellies and snowsuit whilst our backs were turned. (We were able to persuade her back into her wellies but the snowsuit was a no go). Now in a bizarre twist of fate child 1 didn’t want to be carried but couldn’t be put down on the gravelly muddy path with no wellies. It was a long way back to the car when carrying a toddler.

Cut to 120mins in back at the car, children warm, dry and happily filling their tummies on rice cakes with nut butter, us grumpy and slightly exasperated wondering what happened to that perfect Saturday morning we had planned and looking for that reset button.

Chalk that one up to a learning experience and thankfully the rest of our weekend was a lot more tranquil and relaxing.


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