Update on Screen Time

The challenge I set myself to go screen free with tots has so far been a failure; in 1 week I haven’t managed a day without using screens for the girls, not one day. The challenge was mighty and I did not live up to it, which as an over achiever and wannabe A* student I am pained somewhat but from this challenge and this failure I have come away with what I count as some great successes.

This last week I have stepped up my parenting. We have had increased eye contact, conversations and interactions. I have listened to, played with, read to, adventured with and understood my children more.  I have had to be creative and proactive in my negotiations with the 2 tiny dictators. I have had to be sooo much more patient and understanding of their emotional storms without the go to of a screen to distract them from their upset and I have had to accept that the days where I am running on empty and they are running on cranky that those days its ok to allow myself the luxury and the ease of screen time.

Overall our screen time is down which is a massive win and the days it is up I am feeling less Mum Guilt about it, so that is probably the greatest success of this challenge and in reality this challenge lasts for their childhood so I still have plenty of time to aim for those golden screen free days.



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