Time is something that has been on my mind a lot recently. Mainly as I have little spare time. I started this blog and…….I’m just gonna take a brief pause there, not for some dramatic effect, or to give you time to mull over what I have just written but because that is how far I had got with this blog the first time I sat down to write about ‘Time’ before I was needed by one of my tiny humans which very nicely illustrates my point.

So as I was saying I have had little spare time recently. Life with the girls is easier then it was before so I decided to take up a job offer from my friend to help with admin for his kayaking business. I work remotely and I fit it in around the girls, it is pretty perfect for my situation. I started the job not long after I started blogging so I’ve had little spare time for mulling over my ideas and even less time to actually get them down onto paper or screen. I have quite a slow creative process but after an extremely busy week of birthdays, picnics, parties, appointments and work I decided that if I want to write, do craft projects and have time for myself to look after my mental and emotional well being I’m just going to have to speed up a bit!

So as I said I have been thinking about time a lot recently and I came across this article which was about linguistics and how bilinguals experience life differently through the languages they speak. As an English speaker I see time as linear, the past is behind me and the future ahead of me, people who speak Greek experience time more in terms on volume, as in it was a big holiday rather then English being a long holiday. The point that has stayed with me most from the article is that in Peru speakers of Aymara see the past in front of them, the logic being it is known to them so they can see it, the future is behind them as they don’t know what will happen, they can’t see it. How profound is that? I am a nostalgic and sometimes melancholic person, I always feel as if moments are slipping away into the past, as if we never have enough time but what if the past was in front of us like a screen? A screen showing all the happiness, all the love, the good times, the bad, all in front of us to watch and relive again and again like a favourite film instead of slipping away, always behind us. I like that.


N.B Picture wise I’ve included a few nice moments I would like to relive again and the article I read was by Panos Athanasopoulas on http://www.theconversation.com




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