For nearly a month I have been mulling over this word. We recently went to a lovely family wedding which entailed our first long car journey and hotel stay. The whole weekend went so well until about 20minutes before we were due to leave for the ceremony and in truest of true toddler styles the … More Consent


As a person I try hard to respect the opinions of others (even if I don’t agree with them) as I feel its a human right to be able to have and own your own opinions, in fact I think its a really important part of being human and being a free human at that. … More Dilemma

Check your Expectations at the Door

Motherhood has taught me, especially recently that expectation has no place in raising children, especially if you want to maintain your sanity. Christmas with it’s extended run up, mass consumarism, eagerily anticipated present opening, turns out is not the place to have expectations on the days proceedings or how your children will react. The morning … More Check your Expectations at the Door


Time is something that has been on my mind a lot recently. Mainly as I have little spare time. I started this blog and…….I’m just gonna take a brief pause there, not for some dramatic effect, or to give you time to mull over what I have just written but because that is how far I … More Time

The Importance of Sleep; 5 things that helped us get more

When I was pregnant there were a few things that I was worried about, obviously there were the usual concerns over carrying the babies to term, actually giving birth (a pretty frightening prospect for a first time mum), the babies being healthy, there was the quite unique worry for a mum of identical twins, would I … More The Importance of Sleep; 5 things that helped us get more

Feeling the Fear

There is definitely a predisposition in my family to worry, I think as a whole we would make very good health and safety officers. I am constantly seeing what could go wrong. Now reading that you might think I am an overly negative person but I’m not. I’m an optimistic, glass half full, grateful to … More Feeling the Fear

These are the days

I’m writing this sat on my garden steps, the birds are singing, the spring sun is shining and there is even just the gentlest wisps of a breeze. The girls are happily cleaning the garden toys after a winter of abandonment and I cant help but think that these are the days. These are the days that will stick … More These are the days

Screen Time

I think Mum Guilt wise, screen time is my biggest guilt. Somewhere along the road from a few minutes of bright colours to keep the girls happy so I could go and have a wee or make myself a quick cuppa tea (even though that tea was destined as so many others were to go … More Screen Time